Should You Buy a Ramp Load or Step Up Horse Float?

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When looking at horse floats for sale, you’ll need to decide just what type of horse float you want. One of the major decisions you’ll need to make is whether to purchase a horse float with a ramp load or with a step up design. Which is right for you and your horse? Let’s take a look at each.

Step Up Horse Floats

Step up horse floats don’t have a ramp entrance; instead, the horse needs to step up directly into the float. This design is most common with stock horse float styles, though it’s also sometimes used for angle load and even straight load floats.

Step up horse floats mean that you’ll have to be careful about where you load and unload your horse. It’s possible for horses to slip, sliding a leg underneath the float while trying to load. This can result in serious injury. Placing an object, like a hay bale, beneath the float can help to prevent this issue from happening.

When horses are unloading from a step up float, it’s best to turn them around, if possible, so that they can see the ground as they step down. Asking a horse to back off a float means asking him to take a blind step down, which some horses may resist.

Ramp Load Horse Floats

Ramp load horse floats are a popular option for straight and angle style floats. Ramps give a horse an incline to step up onto, and the potential of the horse slipping a leg underneath the float is eliminated.

When looking at a ramp load float, it’s important to carefully consider the design of the ramp. Some shorter ramps are lighter and easier to lift, but they can be steep for the horse. Longer ramps are easier for horses to navigate, but they can be heavy. A ramp needs to be solid and well-made, and should also be slip-resistant in order to keep a horse safe.

Choosing the Style That’s Right for You

You may find that your horse exhibits a distinct preference for one loading type over another. Some horses will only load with ramps, while others prefer step ups. It’s a good idea to try transporting your horse with a number of different floats before buying a horse float of your own for this reason.

If you’re buying a used horse float, then finding a float with your desired style may take a bit of searching and time. You may have to wait until the right float comes along. Buying a brand new horse float helps to avoid this issue, ensuring that you can get everything that you want in your float.

It's a good idea to know what type of horse float you want before you start looking at horse floats for sale. Good luck with your search for a new horse float.

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