Should you hire someone to help sell your horse?

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With many horses for sale, selling a horse can be time-consuming and require patience. Trainers and consignment barns are often available to help you sell your horse faster. Is hiring someone to help you sell your horse right for you? Here are some things to consider.

The Value of Your Horse

Selling a horse for a few thousand dollars is different from selling a horse with an asking price of tens of thousands of dollars. If your horse’s asking price is low, it may not be worth the time and effort of finding someone to help you sell him. Horses with lower price ranges are often easier to sell. Additionally, anyone hired to help sell your horse will be asking for a fee or commission in return for their services. If your horse’s price tag is low, the fee or commission may significantly eat into the funds that you would receive.

The Market for Your Horse

One advantage of hiring someone to help sell your horse is the fact that a trainer who sells horses professionally will have existing contacts in the equine competition world. If you are selling a show horse or a show prospect, having these connections can greatly speed up your sale - the trainer can present your horse to the right audiences. However, if you’re selling a trail horse or an all-rounder, you can very easily access these audiences on your own and might not need someone to sell your horse for you.

Marketing Skills

The way that your horse is presented in ads and in person can make a significant impact on his sale. In the case of show horses in particular, marketing them correctly is very important. A professional will know how to choose the right photos and text for your horse’s sale ad. They will also know how to best present your horse in person, a talent which can help to drive his sale.

Time Commitment

Selling a horse takes a good deal of time. You will spend many hours taking pictures and video of your horse, creating and posting ads, and then answering questions and inquiries about your horse’s ad. You will also need to prepare your horse for in-person meetings and test rides, which can take up the better part of the day. Depending on how much time you have available, this alone might be a good reason to hire someone to help sell your horse.

Lastly, hiring someone to help sell your horse can result in a faster sale. If you need to sell your horse quickly, then you might want to consider this option to help your horse stand out from the many other horses for sale.

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