Should You Lend Out Your Horse Float?

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Whether you have a gooseneck horse float or a bumper pull float, chances are that at some point someone will ask to borrow your float. There’s no one standard response to this question, so let’s take a look at the factors to consider before agreeing to lend out your horse float.

Are You Insured?

Hopefully all will be fine, but it’s so important to be prepared for the worst when lending out your horse float. Is your horse float insured for damage due to driver error? Does that coverage transfer to anyone who is towing the float, or does it only apply if you are the person who is driving? Check in with your insurance company about specifics before you agree to lend out your horse float.

Do You Trust the Person?

Who is asking you to borrow your float? Is it a close friend whom you’ve known all your life and trust with anything? Or is it someone whom you don’t know quite as well? If you lend out your float, you will be trusting that person with a very expensive piece of equipment. If the float is damaged beyond repair, do you trust that person to repay you for the float’s cost, in full, in a timely fashion?

How Well Do the Horses Travel?

Is the person asking to borrow your horse float transporting horses that you are familiar with? Horses can be hard on a horse float, and difficult travelers can cause some serious damage. It’s a good idea to ask the person which horses they will be transporting and how well the horses have traveled previously.

Who Will Pay for Repairs?

If a horse damages the float, or if there is an accident which damages the float, will the borrower pay for the repairs? You won’t want to be left holding the bill in return for your generosity.

Can You Do Without Your Float?

Don’t forget to look at the worst case scenario. Let’s say that your friend borrows your horse float and something happens – perhaps major damage to the float. Your float will be out of commission for a month or more until it can be repaired. Can you afford to be without your horse float? Do you depend on it for your business, or is it more of a convenience? If you absolutely need your horse float, then you may want to think twice before lending it out.

You’re never under any obligation to lend out your horse float. Think seriously about whether lending your float out is a good idea before agreeing to do so.

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