Should You List Price When Advertising a Horse for Sale?

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There’s a question that continues to pose a problem for anyone selling a horse: Should you list the horse’s price when you advertise that horse for sale? While there’s no one answer to this question, let’s look at a few factors to consider which can help you choose the right option for your situation.

Concealing Your Horse’s Asking Price Protects Your Property

Many sellers opt to conceal the horse’s pricing in order to protect their privacy. This is particularly true when you’re selling highly valuable horses and you don’t want everyone to know the prices that you are dealing with. If you’re advertising your horse through social media, not advertising his price can help you to avoid advertising your finances to friends and family who aren’t oriented with the horse world.

Not Disclosing Your Asking Price Means You Can Change the Price in the Future

There’s a major advantage to not disclosing your horse’s asking price, and that’s that you can easily adjust the price based on future events. For instance, if your horse wins a major show that increases his value, you can easily ask more for the horse without having to go back and change the advertising that you’re already done. The same is true of adjusting your horse’s price based on market fluctuations. This isn’t as easily done when you’ve identified price in your marketing.

Buyers May Overlook Ads Without a Price

When you don’t list a price for your horse for sale, buyers may simply overlook the ad. Some buyers don’t want to take the time to inquire, while other buyers may assume that the horse is out of their price range. Sellers tend to be more likely to not disclose a horse’s sale price when the asking price is high. This means that not disclosing your asking price could potentially cause you to lose the interest of potential buyers if your horse’s price is in the lower range.

You Will Have to Field Inquiries From Buyers Who Can’t Afford Your Horse

If you don’t list your horse’s price, then you may have people inquiring who can’t afford your horse. Remember that you will need to respond to all of the inquiries that you receive, which takes time. If potential buyers don’t know what you’re asking, then many of the inquiries that you receive may be from buyers who cannot afford your horse.

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide whether or not to openly advertise your asking price for a horse for sale. The decision will depend on your situation and what you’re comfortable with.

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