Should You Sell Your Horse or Lease Him Out?

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Are you questioning whether selling your horse is the right move for you right now? Leasing your horse out offers you another option which can take some of the financial demand and responsibility off of you. Before you advertise your horse for sale, you might consider the option of leasing him out.

Less Financial Responsibility

If you are selling your horse because you can’t keep up with the financial demands of supporting him, leasing him out can remove some of the financial stress. When you lease out your horse, you will still own him, but the lessee will be responsible for at least part of his upkeep expenses. When you full lease your horse, the lessee generally assumes all of the financial demands of his care and upkeep. Just how much a lessee pays towards your horse during the lease will depend on the lease agreement that you establish.

Less Time Demand

Owning a horse is a big responsibility that can put significant demands on your time. Horses need regular care, attention, and exercise, and the very act of taking your horse for a ride requires significant time in caring for your horse both before and after the ride. If you find that you simply don’t have enough time for your horse, then leasing him out either full-time or part-time will reduce your workload. Rather than being responsible for all of your horse’s care and exercise, you can allow the lessee to assume that responsibility, either during all days of the week or only on some days.

More Space in Your Agistment

Allowing your horse to go for an off-farm lease can free up a stall in your agistment. If you have multiple horses and need more room, leasing out a horse who is not regularly used can give you more space and flexibility at your agistment without forcing you to sell the horse.

Future Plans

Leasing your horse out can be an excellent choice if you want to continue working with your horse in the future, but current circumstances don’t allow for it. For instance, many riders lease out their horses when they go to college, become pregnant, or have big life events coming up. Since these situations are temporary, riders can lease their horses out for a few years until they are ready to resume working with their horses again. Rather than selling a horse permanently, leasing a horse allows you to retain ownership with only some of the responsibility.

Before you advertise your horse for sale, consider whether leasing your horse out might be an option for your situation.

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