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Oldenburg stallion, San Amour. Oldenburg stallion, San Amour.
The equine frozen semen industry is an ever growing and evolving business. International Horse Breeders began their business in 1989, importing the first shipment of frozen equine semen from Germany back in the days when most people had never heard of it nor had any experience of it, including the vets.

From these early days and small beginnings, International Horse Breeders now imports a few hundred different stallions, including Warmbloods, Quarter Horses, German Riding Ponies, Friesians, and Connemaras.

IHB are well known in the industry and have made a substantial contribution to horse breeding in this country. Using frozen AI is now a normal and important part of Australian breeders breeding programs giving a choice of some of the best stallions the world can provide.

One IHB breeder recently commented that he would be concentrating on using frozen semen more in the future and the reasoning is not hard to understand. Although the initial cost of using frozen semen is a little higher mostly due to the vet work involved (not necessarily the cost of the semen), the quality of the foals produced is far higher. If you are going to put time and money into maintaining good brood mares and raising their offspring, the foals need be the best quality you can produce. Frozen ai is the way of achieving this aim.

Doing embryo transfers (ET) is now also common place amongst the more adventurist performance horse breeders and quite a number of specialist vets are achieving good results. Mares that are still competing can continue to train, compete and produce youngsters by donating their genetics, and likewise mares who find it hard to carry full term. This involves a higher risk and a higher cost but for some it can prove most cost effective.

Last season IHB had a client who not only did ETs with her mares, but froze two embryos to keep for the next season. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this longer term plan for this particular breeder of Quarter Horses.

Co-owner of IHB, Eil Kingma with a foal and Pip the foxy. Co-owner of IHB, Eil Kingma with a foal and Pip the foxy.

In 2011 IHB was asked to market frozen semen of a stallion who had been cloned from a very well-known and most successful international show jumper. Tempting as this was, the logistics of getting progeny from a cloned stallion registered in our various breed bodies and Equestrian Australia may have been problematic and they did not go ahead with it. One has to also think about whether going back in time is the quality of the future progeny when it can be argued that breeding is always improving and the best is yet to come!

International Horse Breeders continues to offer all performance horse breeders the most exciting range of superior frozen ai stallions, with a price range for every breeder. Their service is second to none and their conception rates are still the envy of world standards; an average of 2 inseminations per pregnancy overall.

IHB invites you to breed for success this coming season. Breed with IHB. Check out their website for a stallion for your mare or contact Glenis for an information pack with their 2013 stallion selection.

Glenis Dyason (Manager IHB) Email, phone 03 5439 7251 or visit the International Horse Breeders WEBSITE .

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