State Riding Pony Show - NSW

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Royalwood Merry Music (Photo Lorelle Mercer) Royalwood Merry Music (Photo Lorelle Mercer)
The NSW State Riding Pony Show is to be held on Sunday 25th November at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. Schedules will be posted to all NSW Members. Judges and further information will be available closer to the date.
Helden Park Petite (Photo Lorelle Mercer) Helden Park Petite (Photo Lorelle Mercer)
The NSW Riding Pony Show has become a premier event for Breeders and member to showcase their lovely ponies. A host of events and great prizes are on offer at this prestigious Riding Pony Event. This event attracts some of NSW Best Riding Ponies Ponies with exhibitors travelling from all around NSW to attend.
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