The Advantages of Riding Different Horses

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Buying a horse may be the dream of every rider, but did you know that riding different horses can greatly help you develop as a rider? Different horses have different responses, and they each have something unique that they can teach us.

Different Movements

Each horse moves differently, as you’ll quickly find out if you start trying out horses for sale. The ability to quickly adapt to a horse’s movements is important, and will leave you feeling more secure in the saddle. In addition, riding different horses with different ways of moving can help you to better understand the mechanics of the horse’s body. You will be more sensitive to the patterns of the footfalls of each gait, and to how the horse’s body and the horse’s balance shift as you travel forward.

Additionally, you will find that different breeds have different movements. Riding a Paso Fino or other gaited horse will be entirely different than riding a Thoroughbred or Arabian. Within the breeds, specific horses will have been trained to perform different movements. A horse trained as a jumper will provide you with an entirely different riding experience than a horse trained in dressage will. Different horses will let you experience different movements under saddle.

Different Responses

What can make riding different horses so challenging (and so productive in our development as riders) is the fact that each horse responds differently. You will quickly learn to adjust your cues to work well with the particular horse that you are riding. The timing, execution, and intensity of the cues will all change depending on what horse you are riding. Learning to adjust these factors will make you a more sensitive and adaptable rider.

Different Abilities

No two horses are alike, and riding different horses can give you access to a whole variety of equine talents. If one horse doesn’t like to head out onto the trails, another horse might love trails and can give you an experience that you might not otherwise have had. This is something to remember when trying out horses for sale to make sure you find a horse that is the perfect match for you. Have you ever wanted to try mounted shooting or barrel racing or calf cutting? Riding different horses can let you experience these varied disciplines.

Different Training Levels

One great benefit to riding different horses is that you may have the chance to ride some horses with higher training levels than your own horse’s. Riding more advanced horses can quickly improve your riding abilities. More advanced horses, such as schoolmasters, can allow you to experience upper-level movements before your own riding abilities, or those of your horse, would allow you to. Once you’ve experienced these movements, it will be easier to replicate them with another horse.

Riding different horses will quickly open up your range of experiences as a rider, and can improve your riding skills. Look into leasing, different lesson programs, and traveling to different stables as options to find different horses to ride. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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