The Benefits of Solar Panels When Camping With Your Gooseneck Horse Float

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Gooseneck horse floats are particularly great when you’re headed out for multiple days of camping with your horse. When you start looking at horse floats for sale, you’ll want to consider the many benefits that solar panels can provide, especially when you’re camping.

Solar Power and Your Horse Float

Solar power can provide a number of benefits when you’re camping with your horse float. Solar panels give you more versatility in terms of where you want to camp and how long you can camp without resorting to using a generator.

Depending on how many solar panels are installed on your horse float, you may be able to power the appliances in your float, including your lights, fans, coffee maker, and hot plate. While your batteries will only power your float for so long, solar power can help the batteries to last longer and can provide you with an alternative energy source. You won’t need to listen to the noise of a generator, and can enjoy nature in peace.

Mounting Solar Panels on a Gooseneck Horse Float

Solar panels can be mounted on the roof of your gooseneck horse float. This position keeps them out of the way, while also positioning them to capture the sun’s light during the day. It’s important to realize that you won’t be able to store items on top of your float when you have solar panels installed.

Installing solar panels takes some electrical know-how, so it’s best to have this done by a professional. Many horse float maintenance facilities should be able to provide you with contact information for a reputable solar panel installation, if they don’t handle the installation themselves.

Getting the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

In order to get the most out of your solar panels, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough panels installed to provide the amount of energy that you’ll need while camping. Remember, too, that solar power depends on the presence of sunny days – always be prepared with a backup power option, such as a generator, in case of inclement weather.

You’ll also need to park your horse float in a sunny area in order to take advantage of the solar panels. Remember to keep your horse’s comfort in mind – remove your horse from the float, especially if the interior starts to heat up. It’s best to set your horse up with a temporary corral in a shaded area.

Gooseneck horse floats are great for camping, and by adding in solar panels, you can increase the convenience and energy options when you’re away from home.

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