The Characteristics of a Kid-Safe Horse

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There’s a high demand for kid-safe horses for sale. If you can market your horse as being kid-safe, then you can potentially ask more for him. But just what is a kid-safe horse, anyways? Let’s take a look at what it means for a horse to be kid-safe.


Kid-safe horses are, above all else, bombproof. These horses are generally the first horses that young children will ever ride, so it’s important that the horses know their jobs and are calm in different environments. A good kid-safe horse will not react to stimuli like barking dogs, cameras, other spooking horses, and even windy days. They’re good, solid citizens that you would trust with a child rider.


Kid-safe horses also tend to have high tolerance levels. When they’re being ridden and cared for by a kid, they need to be tolerant of mistakes, inconsistent handling, and even a child’s high energy levels. These horses usually have calm temperaments and have excellent patience.


One of the most important qualities of a kid-safe horse is that he is respectful of his handler, no matter how small or how young they may be. Many bombproof horses aren’t deemed kid-safe because they use their size to control their child handlers. How many times have you seen a pony take charge and head off the path into the grass while being led by a child? While a kid-safe horse doesn’t have to be perfect by any means, they can’t be dominating in how they act around their handlers.


Above all else, a kid-safe horse needs to be a safe mount. These horses aren’t biters or kickers, and they definitely don’t rear or exhibit truly naughty or dirty behaviour when being ridden. They’re horses that a child can safely work around, and while it’s always important to supervise a child, these are horses that you can pretty much trust with children.

These are some of the most standard characteristics that a kid-safe horse should exhibit. Of course, everyone has a different opinion of what a kid-safe horse is, so if you’re marketing your horse as being safe for children to ride, then be sure to include specifics. Is the horse girthy? Does the horse prefer younger beginner riders over older riders? The more information you can include in your ad, the better chance you’ll have of finding the perfect match for your horse for sale.

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