The Final Sale Details of Buying a Horse

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Have you been looking at horses for sale, and have you finally found the right horse for you? That’s great! Buying a horse can be a long process, but you’re almost there. Before you complete the sale, there are some very important steps that you should be sure to take.

Make Sure the Horse Is Healthy

Whether you obtain a health certificate or have your veterinarian test the horse for infectious diseases before transport, you want to make sure that any horse that you bring onto your agistment property is healthy. You should also get a record of all of the vaccines and deworming that the horse has had.

Decide on a Final Price

Sometimes it may be possible to bring a seller down in the price that they are asking for their horse for sale. If you and the seller are negotiating price, make sure that you get the final price that you both agree upon in writing. If you need to put down a deposit to hold the horse, then get a receipt from the seller that states the amount of money that you put down as well as the amount of money that remains for you to pay.

Get a Bill of Sale

Always get a bill of sale when you complete your payment for the horse. A bill of sale should include a description of the horse, the date of purchase, the purchase amount, and the names of the seller and the buyer. Both you and the seller should sign the bill of sale. This is your proof that you now own the horse.

In some cases, a seller may be willing to allow a horse’s purchase price to include the horse’s rugs and even tack. If your purchase of a horse is to include additional equipment, make sure that this is clearly noted in the bill of sale.

Obtain the Horse’s Registration Paperwork

If you are buying a purebred horse that is registered with a breed registry, then be sure to obtain any necessary paperwork from the seller. Once you own the horse, you can transfer his registration into your name.

Arrange Transportation

If you own a horse float, transporting the horse home may be easy. In some cases, though, you may need to arrange to have the horse shipped to your agistment. Discuss these shipping arrangements with the seller ahead of time. Sometimes sellers are willing to ship a horse for an additional fee. If the horse needs to stay on the seller’s property until a shipper is available, then discuss these arrangements far in advance to make sure that the horse will have a place to stay.

Insure the Horse

If you plan on insuring your horse, then you should do so the day that his ownership transfers to you. Even if the horse will be remaining on the seller’s property until he can be shipped to you, you will be the owner and will be responsible for any medical issues that the horse has in the interim.

When you’re looking at horses for sale and decide to buy a horse, make sure that you follow these tips to ensure that the purchase goes as planned.

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