The Hidden Costs of Buying a New Horse

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If you’re planning to look at horses for sale, you will want to have a good idea of just how much you can afford to spend on a horse. But when determining what your budget for a new horse will be, there are some expenses that are easy to overlook. Be sure to budget for these hidden expenses of buying a horse.


If you are looking at horses for sale that are located outside of your agistment, then you will need to budget for transportation for the horse that you buy. Some sellers may be willing to transport the horse for free or for a small fee, but others may not have that capability. Consider the cost of renting a horse van or truck to transport your new horse. You may also want to look at horse floats for sale.

New Tack

Though it would be wonderful if your current tack fit your new horse, that isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to saddles. You should definitely budget for buying a new saddle, if not a new bridle and a new set of horse rugs when you’re buying a new horse. Don’t forget that your new horse will need additional equipment, like a halter and a grooming kit.

Pre-Purchase Exam

While at first glance a horse’s asking price might seem like his final price, remember that you will likely want to have a pre-purchase exam performed on a horse that you’re considering buying. There are varying degrees of pre-purchase exams, beginning with a physical evaluation and progressing to an exam with thorough x-rays. These exams all have different costs, and you will want to build those costs into your budget.

Remember, too, that it’s possible that a horse (or even more than one horse) may fail the pre-purchase exam. If the exam uncovers a factor that changes your decision to buy the horse, then you will likely need to continue your search for a new horse and perform another pre-purchase exam on the next horse you’re considering. If multiple horses fail pre-purchase exams, this can quickly add up to be costly.

Selling Your Horse

If you’re buying a horse to replace your current horse, then you need to budget for possibly caring for both horses during a period of time. Sometimes you may find the perfect new horse before you sell your own horse. If you buy the new horse, you can’t be sure of just how long it will take you to sell your current horse, so be sure that you have extra funds set aside in case this situation might occur.

When looking at horses for sale, be sure to include these potential costs in your budget so that you’re not surprised in the end.

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