The Importance of an Experienced Operator When Transporting Your Horse

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When it comes to transporting your horse, using an experienced operator is vital to your horse’s safety. Whether you’re looking at horse floats for sale with plans of transporting your horse on your own, or if you will be hiring a horse transport company, you will want to make sure that any time your horse is being transported, an experienced operator is behind the wheel. Here’s why.

Driving a Horse Float Is Not Like Driving a Truck

Driving a horse float takes practice, and it’s not something that you’ll simply learn in a day. When you’re driving a horse float, you need to compensate for the added vehicle length and the increased time that it takes to stop.

In addition to the mechanical side of driving a horse float, you also need to adjust your driving style to help keep the horses on board comfortable. Sudden stops and acceleration will throw your horse off balance, and turns need to be taken gradually so that your horse can adjust. Hills and rough roads also have an effect on your horse, so your entire driving style needs to be adjusted to help keep your horses safe.

Things Happen Quickly On the Road

When you’re hauling a horse float, smaller issues that you could easily avoid in a truck suddenly become big issues that you need to deal with. An emerging obstacle in the road or an aggressive driver who cuts the vehicle off will demand that you not only react quickly, but accurately. When you’re hauling a horse float you can’t react by swerving or slamming on the brakes – doing this could potentially cause the float to tip or roll.

Knowing how to react properly when driving a horse float is a skill that comes with experience. Years of driving a horse float and training yourself to react appropriately will make you a safer driver, and this is one of the reasons that using an experienced operator is so important.

An experienced operator will also probably be able to deal with roadside emergencies better than an operator with little experience. In case the horse float or the truck breaks down, unloading the horses roadside may be necessary. Additionally, an experienced operator will know how the float normally drives, and will be able to sense whether there is an issue with the float or with the horses themselves.

Driving a horse float safely requires a good deal of skill and knowledge. It’s always important to use an experienced operator when transporting your horse.

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