The Importance of Communicating with Buyers When Selling a Horse

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If you’re thinking of advertising your horse for sale, then chances are your inbox or phone may soon be flooded with inquiries about your newly advertised horse. The good news? This means that you’re priced your horse appropriately and that there’s demand for this type of horse. The bad news? You have to communicate with all of these buyers. Here are some tips.

Provide Guidance in Your Ad

Hate email? Don’t want your cell phone to blow up from all of the messages? Put some communication guidance in your ad. You can request that buyers only contact you through a specified method, or only call during certain hours of the day. While there’s no guarantee that all buyers will follow your request, this can help to channel the inquiries.

Respond Promptly

As tempting as it may be to just let the messages pile up so that you can answer them all in a few days, don’t. Don’t procrastinate. You may lose out on interested buyers, and some buyers may start messaging you repeatedly until they get a response.

Be Prepared for the Same Questions

You’ll likely find that buyers start to ask you the same questions over and over again. If you’re responding to inquiries via email, it may be worth your time to create a document full of your answers to common questions. With a quick cut and paste, you can respond to questions without having to rewrite the answers out each time.

Have Your Schedule Ready

Be sure that you spend some time looking at your schedule for the upcoming days. It’s easiest to determine which days and times you would be willing to have potential buyers out to test ride your horse before you’re fielding too many inquiries. Be sure to consider other schedules, like your boarding barn’s schedule or the ring and lesson schedule, when arranging for test rides.

Be Courteous

As you communicate with buyers, you’ll likely find out that some of them just aren’t suitable matches for your horse. Be courteous and tell the buyers this, rather than leaving them hanging without an answer or just cutting off communication. Be honest about whether your horse is being test ridden by another potential buyer before a different buyer’s scheduled trial, and make sure that you let the latter person know right away if someone else decides to buy the horse.

When you communicate well, you can potentially help to speed along the purchase of your horse for sale.

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