The Many Uses of Horse Sheds

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Horse sheds are versatile structures that are present on many horse properties. While you might traditionally think of a shed as being a shelter for horses in the pasture, you can actually do far more with horse sheds. Here are a few potential uses for horse sheds on your property.

Pasture Shelter

Horse sheds are great shelters for horses out in the pasture. Sheds allow your horse to seek shelter from the bugs, sun, wind, and rain. When choosing a horse shed for your pasture, make sure that the shed is large enough to accommodate all of the horses turned out in the pasture, or opt for multiple horse sheds. Placing rubber stall mats on the floor of the horse shed can create a surface which is easy to clean.

By placing horse sheds in your pasture, you’re allowing your horses to seek shelter themselves. This means that you don’t have to rush home to bring the horses in during inclement weather, freeing up your schedule and reducing your stress.

Stall Alternative

Some horse owners use horse sheds to replace horse stalls entirely. If you don’t have enough stalls in your stable, or if you don’t have a stable at all, a horse shed can be a convenient alternative. A small horse shed is generally large enough to comfortably house a horse.

Using a shed instead of a stall means that your horse can freely move about in his pasture. This may be an ideal situation for horses with conditions such as arthritis or Heaves, where increased movement may be beneficial.

Stall Rest Solution

If you have a highly social horse who needs to be on stall rest, then consider using a horse shed in place of the stall. If you’re able to install a horse shed in a pasture close to the stables, you may be able to walk your horse out to the shed each morning. Install a gate across the front of the horse shed and bed the shed for comfort and support.

By allowing your stall-bound horse to spend time in the horse shed, he can see the goings on without feeling secluded alone in the stables. Social horses may benefit from seeing the other horses outside during the day, and this arrangement can also help to prevent boredom and the negative behaviors that result from boredom.

Storage Option

Don’t forget that horse sheds are also great storage options. If you have unused horse sheds on your property, they can easily serve as storage for small machinery, extra bedding, hay, and more.

There are countless uses for horse sheds – will you be adding some horse sheds to your horse property?

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