Tips for a Clean Stall

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A clean stall is important for your horse’s health and comfort. How do you get the cleanest stall possible for your horse? Here are some tips.

Start With a Good Foundation

What’s beneath the bedding in your horse’s stall? If the answer is “dirt,” then you will have a hard time getting a clean stall. Horses often dig, and a dirt base can easily become mixed into the stall’s bedding. Additionally, dirt will wear unevenly, resulting in mounds and ruts in the stall, making getting it completely clean difficult.

If you want to get your horse’s stall truly clean, you’ll need to start with an even base that cannot be easily dug up. The base shouldn’t become loose or mix into the stall’s bedding. Whatever the surface of your base is, consider topping it with heavy-duty rubber stall mats. Stall mats not only prevent the base from mixing with the bedding, they actually provide cushion themselves and reduce the amount of bedding that is necessary to cushion your horse. With less bedding to deal with, cleaning stalls will be easier.

Turn Over All the Bedding

No matter what type of bedding you use, you need to make it a point to turn over all of the bedding on a regular basis. The center of your horse’s stall receives the most wear; therefore, the bedding in the center of the stall will become dirtier and break down faster than the bedding in the corners of the stall. The bedding in the corners of the stall can become dusty and moldy if left too long. Make sure to circulate the bedding throughout the stall on a daily basis – the stall will stay cleaner and you will get more life out of the bedding

Keep Feed Separate

Horses are messy eaters, and if your horse mixes his hay into his stall bedding, it can be difficult to clean the stall thoroughly. In such a case, you would have to throw out lots of bedding with the hay that your horse has left behind. To prevent this from happening, consider placing your horse’s hay in a manger or a hay net. You can also sweep the bedding out of a corner of your horse’s stall and only feed hay in that particular corner.

Pick the Stall Out Regularly

Stall cleaning will be easier if you pick your horse’s stall out on a regular basis. In addition to a daily thorough stall cleaning, pick manure and wet bedding out of your horse’s stall just before you leave the stables for the night. Doing so will keep his stall cleaner and make your job easier.

Your horse’s health depends on having a clean stall. Make an effort to provide him with the cleanest stall possible.

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