Tips for a First-Time Horse Owner

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When you first start looking at horses for sale with the plans of buying your first horse, you’ll probably be a bit nervous and overwhelmed. These tips can help to ensure that your first time buying and owning a horse goes smoothly.

Ignore Your Emotions

As hard as it may be, don’t let your emotions play into your decision of what horse to buy. There are tons of horses for sale, and the right horse for you is out there. It’s a common occurrence to fall in love with the first horse for sale that you go to test ride. Be aware of this, and make sure that you base your decision to buy a horse based on practical reasons and facts.

Bring Help Along

Before you start the process of buying a horse, establish a relationship with a qualified, experienced trainer. Your trainer can be your best ally in your search for a new horse, and an experienced trainer can spot issues that you probably wouldn’t otherwise identify. Before you look at horses, have a serious conversation with your trainer about your riding goals and what you’re looking for in a horse. Having a trainer alongside can save you time and streamline your search for a new horse.

Understand the Cost

Before you make the leap into horse ownership, make sure that you fully understand the costs associated with owning a horse. The funds that you will need go far beyond the horse’s initial purchase price. Expect to pay board, farrier bills, vet bills, and training bills at the very minimum. Don’t forget to budget for emergency vet bills, which can get incredibly expensive very quickly.

Learn to Ride First

Are you thinking that it would be a good idea to buy a horse to learn to ride on? While developing your skills with the help of your own equine partner is a great experience, buying a horse is a major decision. It’s a good idea to spend at least a few years learning to ride before you buy a horse of your own. Once you have basic riding skills, you’ll know what characteristics you’ll want in a horse of your own.

Take Your Time

Most importantly of all, take your time with the process. Rushing into buying a horse may leave you with a horse which isn’t ideal for you – such a situation can be heartbreaking and financially draining. Take your time, get the right people to help you, and keep looking at horses for sale until you find the horse who is just right for you.

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