Tips for Advertising Your Horse Float for Sale

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Do you have a used horse float that you would like to sell? The way that you advertise your horse float for sale can affect how quickly you find an interested buyer. Before you advertise your horse float, be sure to check out these tips!

Get Quality Photos

Your ad for your horse float will only be as good as the photos that you include with it. Wait for a sunny day and take quality photos showing all of the aspects of your float. Photograph the float with the doors open and then with the doors closed. Get a few close-up shots of the hitch. Be sure to also include multiple photos of the float’s interior, the back doors, and the dressing room or storage area.

Don’t forget to pull up the floor mats and photograph the floors underneath. Then, climb underneath the float and take photos of the underside of the floors, as well as of the axels and supports. Most buyers will want to see photos of the floor and underside before coming out to see the horse float in person.

Be Honest About Flaws

It’s best to be honest and upfront about any flaws in your horse float. If you know that wiring needs to be replaced or that the floor is beginning to rot, say so. It’s far better to address issues immediately than to wait until a buyer has made the trip out to see the horse float in person. And remember, flaws don’t necessarily mean you won’t sell your float – people are often happy to take on a float that needs some work if it means they can pay a lower purchase price.

Include Information on Float Model and Weight

Don’t forget to include any information you have on the float’s model and weight. It’s also a good idea to list information such as the float’s overall dimensions and its interior height. This information can help buyers to better determine whether the float is right for their needs.

Research Your Float’s Value

Take a look at the other horse floats listed for sale in your area. How do they compare to your horse float’s size, condition, and brand? Looking at other horse float sale prices can help to give you an idea of how to appropriately price your horse float. Some dealers may also be able to advise you about the current value of your float.

Once you have put together a comprehensive ad, you’ll be ready to advertise your horse float for sale. Best of luck finding a buyer!

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