Tips for Bringing Home a New Horse

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You’ve looked at horses for sale, have gone through the process of buying a horse, and are finally ready to bring your new horse home to his new agistment. Moving to a new stable with a new owner can be a big adjustment for any horse. There are a number of ways that you can help to ease your horse’s transition into his new home.

Prepare for Your New Horse’s Arrival

Before you go to pick up your new horse, prepare a stall and turnout area so that his arrival will be smoother. Have a stall cleaned and bedded down for him. If the stall has been previously used, disinfect it and clean it thoroughly a few days before your new horse is to arrive.

Remember that quarantining a new horse is always a good idea. Quarantining a horse provides you with time to observe him to make sure that he isn’t ill. If you expose a horse who is ill with a contagious disease, you could quickly have a large outbreak at your barn. Try to stall your new horse away from other horses at first to protect them in case he is sick.

Make Sure He Has Company

Once your horse has passed the quarantine period, provide him with equine company. Horses are naturally herd animals, so stabling them alone is never a good idea – solitary living can stress horses and also leads to boredom and loneliness. Be sure that your new horse will have access to other horses, even if they are separated by a fence line.

If it’s absolutely not possible for your horse to live with other horses, then get him another animal for companionship. Some horses do well with animals like goats for friends. On occasion cats or pigs can also provide companionship for horses.

Give Your New Horse Time to Settle In

It may be tempting to want to ride your new horse right away, but give him time to settle in to his new surroundings and relax. Riding a new horse in a new situation can be overwhelming for the horse, and he might be very distracted or reactive during a ride that he is not prepared for. You will probably both enjoy your first ride more if it is held a few days after his arrival.

Set Him Up for Success

When you do take your first ride on your new horse, do so at a time when the surroundings are quiet and he is relaxed. Don’t try to ride him just before feeding time, or while there is lots of activity at the barn. You’re just getting to know your new horse, so make it easy for the ride to be a success.

After trying out many horses for sale, bringing your new horse home will be exciting and rewarding. Plan ahead to make sure that his transition to his new home goes smoothly.

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