Tips for Buying a Horse at a Distance

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When you’re buying a horse, you might find that the local horses for sale simply don’t fit your needs and desires for your new horse. In some cases it may be necessary to buy a horse located far away from you, and you might not be able to actually ride the horse yourself. If you’re planning on buying a horse at a distance, these tips can help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Know Exactly What You Want

When you’re buying a horse that is located far away from you, you might not be able to go out and visit or ride the horse yourself. This makes it very important that you know exactly what you want in your new horse, since another person may be evaluating that horse for you to ensure that he fits your list of wants. Carefully consider what you’re looking for in terms of temperament, movement, training, experience, and overall behavior.

Buy from a Trusted Seller

When you’re buying a horse at a distance, buying from a reputable seller can help take some of the guesswork out of the process. Breeding and training barns often have sale programs, and they want to preserve their positive reputations by ensuring that every buyer is happy. When you are working with a professional who sells horses on a regular basis, then that professional should be able to provide you with all of the information, photos, and videos that you need to make an educated purchase of the horse even from a distance.

Enlist the Help of a Third Party

If you can’t physically visit and try the horse yourself, then enlist the help of a third party who can go to see and try the horse for you. This third party should have no connection to the seller, but should be located geographically close to the seller so that they can visit the horse. If you have a trusted friend who rides, this can be the perfect solution. Alternatively, you can hire a trainer or rider in the area to help you.

Go Over Videos Carefully

When you’ve buying a horse that you can’t visit in person, it’s of utmost importance to review videos and photos carefully. Videos are key to spotting lameness or other issues with a horse’s way of moving, and they can also reveal temperament factors that you might want to avoid in a horse. Be sure to request recent video of the horse moving at all gaits so that you can look for lameness or other problems.

When looking at horses for sale which are located far away from you, be prepared to make a big purchase without necessarily getting to visit the horse. The more questions you ask and the more details you have about the horse prior to the purchase, the better a chance there is that your horse purchase goes smoothly.

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