Tips for Buying a Saddle Online

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When buying a saddle for your horse, there can be definite advantages to buying online. Buying a saddle online means that you can choose from a greater selection of saddles. If you look at used saddles, you may even save a significant amount of money over buying a new saddle. But if you buy a saddle online, you’ll need to be careful and perform your due diligence to make sure that the saddle you buy is right for both you and your horse.

Choose a Retailer Wisely

If you’re planning to buy a new saddle online, you will be able to choose from a selection of retailers offering horse tack for sale. Before you buy the saddle where it is offered at the lowest price, look into the retailers’ return policies. Make sure that, if the saddle doesn’t fit either you or your horse, you will be able to return it within a set period of time. Read the return policy carefully so that you thoroughly understand the rules governing a return. If a retailer does not offer a return policy, then purchase your saddle elsewhere.

Try Out Saddles In Person

Shopping for a saddle online is most useful when you already know what type of saddle you are looking for. If you have tried and liked a particular brand and model of a saddle, then you may be able to find that exact model in the size that you want.

If you have found a saddle online that you’re not familiar with, try to find that same brand and model in a local store or owned by a friend. Even if a saddle fits both you and your horse, it may not be a good match for you in terms of how it feels. Different models have different degrees of security, and while some may feel great, you may find others uncomfortable. Try to always have at least sat in a comparable saddle before you purchase one online.

Check Measurements Carefully

A seller may advertise a saddle as having a particular seat or tree size, but you need to double-check that those measurements are accurate before you agree to purchase the saddle. Ask for photos of the saddle with a tape measure held up to it to verify that the seller is measuring the saddle in the correct way. You would be surprised at the variations on saddle measuring styles that exist!

When looking at tack for sale and buying a saddle online, make sure that you do some background work to ensure that the saddle you buy is right for you.

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