Tips for Buying Used Tack and Equipment

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Buying tack and horse items and equipment used can be a good way to save money, but only if you do so carefully. If you buy used horseback riding equipment online and don’t ask the right questions, the item that arrives on your doorstep might not be what you wanted, and even worse, it might be unusable. But that’s not a reason to never purchase purchase horse equipment or tack used. With the right approach, buying used equipment and horse supplies can save you money and leave you with quality, usable products.

Get Multiple Pictures

When you buy any used item, if you cannot meet the seller in person, then request multiple pictures of the item to show its condition. Examine the pictures carefully. If you’re buying a saddle, this is particularly important; many sellers neglect to provide pictures of the saddle’s underside, the billets, and beneath the flaps. It’s very important that you are familiar with the condition on all areas of the item, and pictures can help to reveal issues that you might not find otherwise.

Ask Specific Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask a lot of them, and ask for specific details. Be sure to inquire about the item’s previous use, its current functionality, and whether it has any flaws, both superficial and structural. Asking the seller why they are selling the item can also give you background about any potential issues with the item.

Find Out About a Return Policy

Ask the seller if they accept returns, and if so, what the conditions are. Find out if you will be responsible for paying the return shipping, or any additional charges in the event that you do need to return an item. Buying from a seller who accepts returns can be reassuring in the event that an item arrives in a very different condition than it was described.

Compare Pricing Elsewhere

Don’t automatically assume that the price a seller is asking for an item is reasonable just because the item is used. Try to find out how much the item sells for when it is new, either by visiting a local tack shop or by looking online for retailers who sell horse items and supplies. Compare the prices – is the used item worth what the seller is asking?


When you buy any item that comes in different sizes, it’s very important to get specific measurements from the buyer to ensure that it will fit either you or your horse. Saddles can be particularly difficult to measure, so be specific with the seller about exactly where and how you want the measurements to be taken.

When buying used horse tack and equipment online, ask many questions and request many photos. Use a trusted method to send payment. With lots of background work, buying used horse equipment can help to save you money.

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