Tips for Establishing Yourself as a Reputable Horse Seller

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Anyone can sell a horse, but if you anticipate selling many more horses in the future, you may want to carefully think about how you advertise your horses for sale. If you anticipate that selling horses will be a part of your future career, these tips can help you to establish yourself as a reputable horse seller.

Take the Time to Know the Horse

It can be tempting to put up a new horse for sale immediately, but there’s something to be said for taking the time to get to know the horse. Many buyers appreciate you being able to talk to them about a horse’s strengths as well as his quirks. You’ll also want to have the horse long enough to be sure that he is free of any diseases so that you don’t unknowingly sell a sick horse to a buyer.

Be Honest

When you advertise your horses for sale, you’ll want to be as honest and detailed as possible. Misrepresenting a horse or just leaving out important information can result in a seller buying a horse that’s unsuitable for them. This won’t end well, and the buyer will likely tell others about their bad experience in buying from you.

Develop an Advertising Style

If you’re advertising multiple horses for sale, it can be useful to develop a recognisable style in how you advertise your horses. This can be as simple as taking all your conformation photos in front of the same building, or using the same coloured background so that the ads are easily recognisable as being from the same source. If buyers see that you have quality horses for sale, they’ll seek out other ads to see what other horses you’re offering.

Strive for Buyer Satisfaction

If you prioritise a buyer’s satisfaction, then word about your business will quickly spread. You can help to improve a buyer’s experience by asking questions about the ideal horse that they’re looking for and by being honest about which horses you have that might be suitable for them. Offering trial periods is another way to ensure that the horse and buyer are a good fit. You’ll also want to be sure to accommodate a buyer’s request for a pre-purchase exam.

When you run a good, honest business in selling horses, buyers are likely to recommend you to their friends and networks. Selling horses can be tricky, but by taking your time to accurately represent the horse and ensure that the horse and buyer are a good fit, you can establish a great relationship for yourself.

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