Tips for Evaluating a Small Horse Property

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While buying a large property with many open fields might be your dream, it’s often more practical to buy a smaller horse property, especially if you’re looking for a place for your private use. When looking at smaller horses properties for sale, be sure that you consider these factors to make sure the property is right for you.

Horse Restrictions

Some properties, particularly smaller ones, have restrictions on the number of horses that you can keep. In some cases, you may not be allowed to have horses on a property at all. Before you consider a property, make sure that you find out the exact rules and regulations for keeping horses on the property.

Available Pasture

Consider how much pasture is available on a property. More pasture means more room for your horses to move about and exercise on their own. Pasture can also help to reduce your hay costs, since many horses can partially or even fully sustain themselves on quality pasture.

If there isn’t enough pasture to support all of your horses, then your hay bill during the summer will be higher. Remember, too, that too many horses on a property can quickly damage the footing, leaving you with additional maintenance in order to keep the pasture footing decent.


Many smaller barns have limited storage areas. Assess whether a barn’s storage areas are large enough for you to supply the tools, tack, horse rugs, and other supplies that you will need. If there isn’t enough storage, is there room to expand? Don’t forget to account for the storage of machinery, like mowers and tractors, that you may need around the farm.

Manure Removal

One problem that many horse owners often overlook is the issue of manure removal on a small property. Assess whether the property has adequate space to store manure for composting. Remember, the more horses you have, the faster your manure pile will accumulate. It may be necessary to have the manure shipped away, which can be a costly recurring expense.

Riding Space

Does the property have a riding ring? If not, is there space to create one? If you’re looking at a property without space for a riding ring, then think about how this will affect your riding. You won’t have a place to really school a horse, and your riding will be limited to local trails or to transporting your horse to another property. Make sure that these limitations don’t bother you.

It can find time to locate the right smaller horses properties for sale, but be patient and know that the right property is out there.

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