Tips for Hiring a Horse Sitter

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As much as we love our horses, sometimes life means that we need to leave them for short periods of time – or sometimes for longer periods of time. Horses require attentive care multiple times a day – when you buy a horses for sale you are committing to providing that care. How can you ensure that your horse gets appropriate care when you are not available yourself? Hiring a knowledgeable, trustworthy horse sitter is the answer.

Decide What Type of Horse Care You Will Need

Before you go looking for a horse sitter, think about just what type of care your horse will need. Does he only need to be fed a few times a day? Will he need his stall cleaned? What about exercise – does he need to be turned out or ridden? The situation in which your horse lives will help to determine the skills and experience that a horse sitter will need to have.

Also think about your horse’s character and health. Is he calm, laid back, and well-behaved? Or is he reactive and a challenge to work around? If your horse has existing medical conditions, then be sure to look for a horse sitter who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to be able to provide him the care he will need. If your horse has colicked repeatedly in the past, you will want someone who can quickly identify and treat colic. If he needs to have his legs bandaged every night, then finding a horse sitter with strong bandaging skills will be important

Before you begin your search, decide what skills and experience will be necessary for your horse sitter to have. Determine the minimum age that you want the sitter to be, and also consider whether the sitter having their own transportation will be important in your situation.

Start Your Search for a Horse Sitter

The best way to start your search for a horse sitter is to turn to your network of equestrian friends and colleagues. Veterinarian’s offices can often provide great referrals to trustworthy horse sitters, and in some cases their own staff and assistants may be available to horse sit.

Ask your friends for recommendations of horse sitters that they have used. If that tactic does not work, then consider putting an advertisement in your local newspaper or consult a website which offers a horse services or business-directory-list.aspx.

Choosing the Right Horse Sitter

Once you have found a horse sitter interested in the position, interview him or her to find out about their experience. Call their references and ask about the sitter’s dependability, knowledge, and skill. Have the sitter out for an in-person walkthrough of your barn and introduce them to your horse.

Take the time to find a horse sitter who is just right for the job. You will be leaving your horse’s care with them, so find a knowledgeable person you can trust. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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