Tips for Identifying Your Horse Tack and Equipment

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The tack and equipment needed when owning a horse can be a costly investment. When you keep your horse at an agistment, it’s important to make sure that your tack and equipment is well identified to keep it from being mistaken as belonging to another rider or another horse. Here are some ways that you can identify your tack as yours.

Saddle Plates

The easiest way to mark your saddle is to put your name on it – literally. Small brass saddle plates can be engraved with your name and attached to the back of your saddle so that, when your saddle is on a saddle rack, anyone who removes it will come face-to-face with your name. If you don’t want your name on the saddle, you can put your horse’s name, or even your phone number, on the saddle plate. The plates are easy to remove if you ever sell your saddle; they screw in and just take a few minutes to remove.

Saddle Tracking Systems

Because saddle plates can be removed, they’re not necessarily the best theft preventative. If theft is a concern, then you might want to investigate one of the many digital saddle tracking systems available. Some of the systems use microchips that are inserted into the saddle. You register the saddle’s identification number as yours. If the saddle is ever stolen, scanning it for the microchip will reveal you to be its true owner.

Grooming Kits

Putting your name or your horse’s name onto all of the items in your grooming kit can be as simple as using a magic marker, but you can also get more creative. If your horse has a specific theme color for his equipment, then try to buy brushes in that specific color. Alternatively, invest in some paints and paint the handles of your brushes. You can put your artistic and creative talents to good use, incorporating your horse’s name, colors, and even some designs to make your brushes unique and easily identifiable.

Saddle Pads and Horse Rugs

Saddle pads and horse rugs can easily become confused. For a basic, easy solution, write your name on the spine of your saddle pads, and write your horse’s name on the undersides of his rugs – many rugs have a specific tag area for such information. You can monogram saddle pads and some horse rugs with your initials or your horse’s name. Attaching an engraved bridle tag or a luggage tag to the front buckle of your horse’s rugs can also provide a great way to keep his rugs identified.

With the large amount of tack and horse items involved in horse keeping, confusion can happen. Keeping your tack and horse supplies well labeled and identified can help you and others keep track of what items belong to whom.

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