Tips for Keeping a Fence Jumper Contained

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Do you own a horse who loves to jump? Owning a natural jumper can be great, until that horse decides that he would rather jump out of his pasture than stay inside. These tips can help you to better contain a fence jumper.

Build Higher Fences

The first step to keeping your fence jumper contained is to build higher fences around his pasture. This doesn’t mean that you have to rebuild all of the fencing; rather, add a top line of fencing to discourage your horse from attempting to jump. Choose a fencing type which is highly visible – broad electric tape or a line of vinyl fencing creates a more solid impression than a line of electric rope does.

Don’t forget to extend this fence height over the gate. Many times horses don’t actually jump fences; they jump gates which are the lowest points in the fence. You may want to run a line of electric tape over the gate, since it can be easily moved when bringing your horse in and out of the pasture.

Add Electric Fencing

If your fencing doesn’t already incorporate electric sections, then it’s time to add electric fencing. Running a line of electric along the top two lines of your fence can help to build your horse’s respect of the fence, reducing the chances that he will try to jump it.

Evaluate Why Your Horse Wants to Leave

Sometimes it may help to consider why it is that your horse is trying to leave. If he’s out of food he may be trying to access the grass growing outside of his pasture. It’s also possible that your horse is lonely, or that he’s trying to reach a horse who is his buddy.

Potential solutions include giving your horse more hay to last throughout the day, putting a buddy in with him, or moving your horse to a pasture in a different location.

Provide Your Horse with More Exercise

Sometimes providing your horse with more exercise can make enough of a difference in his energy level to keep him from jumping out of his pasture. Try adding in extra rides, lunging, or other activities to keep your horse more active during the day.

When you own a fence jumper, you may need to try a number of options before you find one that works. Stay persistent and you will find a solution for your fence jumper.

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