Tips for Learning How to Drive a Horse Float

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At some point, you have to learn how to drive a horse float. Whether you’re planning on looking at horse floats for sale or just want to be a more independent horse owner, learning to drive a horse float is a task that you will need to tackle. These tips can help you through the process.

Enlist Help

While it’s possible to learn to drive a horse float on your own, the process can be made much easier by enlisting the help of a friend who is experienced in driving horse floats. Having another person with you as you start out can ensure that you learn the entire process correctly, from hitching up your horse float to driving safety measures. Taking this extra step in the beginning can make you a much safer driver.

Use an Empty Float

When you first start learning to drive a horse float, begin with an empty float. Riding in a horse float is challenging to your horse’s balance, and you want to be able to provide him with as smooth a ride as possible. Start practicing with an empty horse float, but pretend that you have your horse inside. How smooth and gradual can you make your acceleration and deceleration? Work on making balanced, even turns. Once you’ve mastered these skills, then you can consider driving a float with a horse on board.

Start in Large Spaces

Before you start driving the float, have your friend bring it to a large, empty area like a field or a large empty parking lot. Driving a horse float feels very different from driving a regular car or truck, since your vision is partially impaired and the length of your vehicle is dramatically increased. Having the reassurance of plenty of space and no pressure from other traffic can help to keep you calmer and allow you to concentrate more fully on what you’re doing.

Take Things Slow

Above all, don’t pressure yourself to learn to drive a horse float quickly. Some people take up driving a horse float within a few days, while others take much longer. Give yourself plenty of time to learn to drive a horse float, and make sure that you are comfortable with the task before you put a horse into the float. The more time that you spend practicing driving, turning, and backing up the float, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to head out on the road on your own.

Whether you will be looking at horse floats for sale or have plans of taking a horse float on the road on your own, learning to drive a horse float takes time and patience.

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