Tips for Looking for a New Agistment Property

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The agistment where you keep your horse can greatly affect your riding and enjoyment of your horse. When it is time to move on to a new property, finding a new horse agistment can be a stressful experience. Here are some tips to make sure that a potential horse livery or agistment is a good match for you and your horse.

Decide What Type of Agistment Services You Need

Before you start looking for agistments, think about what types of services you and your horse need. Are you looking for an agistment where your horse will be fully cared for? Are you available to perform some of your horse’s care on your own? Or are you looking to undertake full care of your horse?

Additionally, consider what other services you want an agistment to offer. If you and your horse regularly travel to horse shows, perhaps you want to find an agistment where other riders will be attending the same shows. If you will be unable to be present for vet and farrier appointments, then look for an agistment where holding your horse for a vet or farrier appointment is offered.

Decide What Qualities You Want in a horse agistment

When you begin your search for an agistment, you will need a clear understanding of just what you are looking for. Before you start your search, determine where you want an agistment to be located in relation to your house. Have a clear idea of how far would be too far for you to travel to see your horse, and only look at agistments that are within a reasonable traveling distance.

Think about the qualities that you want the stables to have. How big (or how small) can the stalls be? Do you have a preference on whether your horse is turned out alone or in a group? What about how many hours per day your horse will spend outside? Think about the times of day that you will want to be able to go visit and ride your horse, and find out what the agistment’s hours are.

Give particular thought to the qualities that you will need in a riding arena. Your specific needs will depend on the discipline you ride. If you jump, you will want an agistment with access to fences. If you ride dressage, then access to a standard-sized dressage ring is probably important. Think about whether you will need an indoor riding arena,

Visit Potential Agistments and Horse Liveries

Once you have found some agistments that offer the services and features that you need, schedule a time to go visit them. Prepare a list of questions to bring with you to the appointment. Sometimes it can help to bring a friend along with you, as your friend might notice things that you could miss.

As you view the stables, pay particular attention to the quality of care that the horses are provided and to their overall health. Look to see if the horses are in good physical condition; if you see multiple skinny or underweight horses, you will want to stay away from the property. Look at the amount of bedding in the stalls and the condition of the pasture fences, as well as the footing in the riding arena. All of these are potential safety issues – make sure that the horses are cared for in a manner that you would be comfortable with.

Spend time learning about and visiting each possible agistment to ensure that you choose a new home for your horse where he is safe and well cared for. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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