Tips for Marketing a Companion Horse for Sale

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At some point, you may need to find a companion horse a new home. This can be a challenge, since owners looking for companion horses are few and far between. However, these tips can help you to best market a companion horse for sale.

Be Honest About Limitations

It’s best to be honest and up-front about your horse’s limitations. Explain that your horse cannot be ridden and is suitable as a companion only. Including this statement in your ad can help to avoid having to field countless inquiries about your horse’s use as a riding mount.

Provide All the Information You Have

When talking with interested buyers, provide them with as much information as possible. Giving them information about your horse’s physical condition and what to expect in terms of necessary care and any sort of progressive issues over the year can help buyers determine whether the horse is a suitable option for them.

Highlight What’s Great About Your Horse

Don’t forget to highlight what makes your horse special. Does he have a great temperament? Excellent ground manners? Maybe he gets along with horses and is a calm influence in the herd. It’s important to give buyers a reason to consider your horse, even with his limitation to being a companion.

Get Some Great Photos

Photos can help to sell your companion horse. Get some great photos of your horse – clean him up, pose him nicely, and shoot away. Include these with your ad to catch a buyer’s attention.

Brush Up On Your Horse’s Manners

Most buyers won’t want to take on a companion horse which has bad manners. Brush up on your horse’s manners, including standing tied, leading, and picking up his feet for cleaning.

Ask an Appropriate Price

Most companion horses aren’t worth much in terms of monetary value. Check out the market and be sure that you’re asking an appropriate price for your companion horse. Keep in mind that many companion horses are offered up for free or close to free.

Offer to Take Your Horse Back

While it’s not possible for every owner, if you can, offer to take your horse back if the situation ever doesn’t work out. A buyer may be more willing to take on your horse if they know that they have an “out” in case the situation doesn’t work out now or in the future. Plus, offering to take your horse back can reduce the chances of his ending up in a bad situation in the future.

When you market your companion horse for sale, be prepared to be patient and to wait for the right home to come along.

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