Tips for Organising Your Horse Supplies

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When you buy your first horse and begin looking at horse items for sale, you’ll find that your tack room can quickly become crowded and unorganised. Whether you keep your horse supplies at home or at the agistment, these organizational tips can help you keep your horse supplies neat and clean.

Store Saddles Properly

When it comes to storing your saddle, make sure that you use a saddle stand or rack that is secure and stable. Put a pad or thick towel on the stand so that your saddle doesn’t directly press against the stand – doing so can leave impressions in the saddle’s underside panels. If you have to store multiple saddles, then use multiple racks, since stacking saddles on top of each other can compress and damage the bottom saddle. Finally, be sure to cover your saddle to keep dust and debris from damaging it during storage.

Wrap Up Leg Boots

Leg boots and bell boots can be conveniently stored by wrapping them around a rope or a stall guard attached to a wall or a stall front. Using a removable rope can make cleaning your leg boots after a ride easy – simply take the rope outside and fasten it to a fence, then hose off all of the leg boots. Allow the boots to dry before returning them to the stables.

Use Bridle Hooks

Three-prong bridle hooks offer a convenient way to store bridles without taking up valuable wall space. Hanging a few bridle hooks from the ceiling can give you excellent storage for bridles, halters, lead ropes, and even bits. If you plan to store bridles for the long term, then consider investing in a bridle bag to keep the bridle clean and protected.

Repurpose Storage Units

If you need storage boxes or units to organise your horse supplies, you don’t have to buy them firsthand. Tupperware units make excellent barn storage, and rubber totes that are no longer needed at home can be repurposed for the stables. Kitchen storage units and garage shelving can also be the perfect storage solutions for your stables.

Minimise Blanket Space

Keep blankets and rugs folded neatly to minimise the amount of space that they take up. Holding onto the bags that the blankets come in, or using heavy-duty storage bags, will help to reduce the amount of space that blankets take up in your tack room.

When it comes to owning a horse, you will quickly be looking at horse items for sale. After accumulating horse items and supplies, staying organised can be a challenge, but these tips can help to make that easier.

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