Tips for Selling a Horse in a Hurry

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Sometimes circumstances arise which mean that you have to sell a horse in a hurry. Whether you’re moving or just suffered a financial loss, if you need to quickly sell a horse, there are a number of ways to do so. Here are some tips to think about before you advertise your horse for sale.

Lower Your Price

If you need to sell your horse quickly, then you will likely need to ask a bit less for him than you normally would. Buyers are always out to get deals, and lowering your asking price may generate more interest in your horse. It’s also important to assess your situation and decide what is more important – getting the horse sold quickly, or getting a decent amount for him. Expect that buyers will offer less than you’re asking, and decide what your ultimate bottom price will be.

Be Honest

It can sometimes play in your favor to indicate the reason why you need to sell your horse quickly in your ad. If you no longer have room for the horse, or will be moving soon, then indicating these factors can prompt buyers to contact you and come out to see the horse quickly. Be aware of the fact that buyers will often sense that they can get a deal in this type of situation, since you’re in a hurry to sell the horse. Be sure to account for this when you decide on your asking price for your horse.

Advertise Your Horse for Sale

Good advertising can help to generate interest in your horse. Advertise your horse for sale in multiple locations, and be sure that you’re advertising in areas where your target audience is likely to look for sale horses. Online advertising, such as on, can reach large amounts of people for little cost, making it a great approach when you’re trying to quickly sell your horse.

Be Flexible

In order to speed along a sale, do your best to accommodate interested buyers’ schedules. Try to be available to show your horse at times which work for them – the sooner they test ride your horse, the sooner they’ll be able to progress in the buying process if they’re interested. The same is true of meeting their vet if they decide on a pre-purchase exam. If you’re in a hurry to sell your horse, try to find ways to make him available whenever someone is interested.

Hopefully you won’t ever have to sell your horse in a super hurry, but if you do, there are ways to sell your horse successfully.

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