Tips for Selling a Horse With a Medical Issue

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If you ever need to sell a horse which has an existing medical issue, then you may find it challenging to find him a new home. These tips can help you sell a horse with an existing medical issue.

Assess Your Horse’s Potential

Before your advertise your horse for sale, it’s best to get to the root of his medical issue. Have any necessary diagnostic tests done so that you can fully understand the extent of the issue. Talk frankly with your vet about your plans to sell the horse, and ask him or her for their opinion about your horse’s potential future. Your horse may be suitable as a riding horse as long as he or she doesn’t jump or perform high-impact activities. Some horses may do best as trail horses, while others may be fine with preventative maintenance. Every situation is different, so do your best to find out what a great home would look like for your horse.

Be Honest in Your Ad

When you advertise your horse for sale, you should definitely feature his strengths. At the same time, though, it’s important to be honest about his medical issues. If your horse can be managed with medication or treatments, be sure to include that information in the ad. You’ll also want to detail what activities your horse can participate in comfortably.

If the issue is due to a conformation fault or if it is something which can be seen, then it’s a good idea to include detailed pictures of the problematic area. Try to also include videos of your horse moving, especially if there is a soundness issue, to show buyers the exact extent of the problem. Photos and videos may help to keep buyers from envisioning an injury which is worse than it actually is.

Offer Up Veterinary Records

You may also want to offer up your horse’s related veterinary records to interested buyers. Be clear about your horse’s medical issues, and allow potential buyers to see the diagnostic tests, treatments, and evaluations that have been done.

Adjust Your Price Accordingly

Horses with medical issues, especially those with issues which will require medication or other upkeep, typically fetch lower prices than horses without medical issues. It’s important to adjust your asking price accordingly in order for your ad to receive interest.

While it may take some time to sell a horse with a medical issue, it can be done. With some patience and luck, you will find a great new home for your horse.

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