Tips for Selling a Young Horse

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Have you advertised your young horse for sale, but haven’t received any interest in him? In selling a young horse, you will face different challenges than when you sell an older, more experienced horse. These tips can help you to better market and sell your young horse.

Market Your Horse’s Breeding and Potential

When selling a horse who is too young to be ridden, it’s important to market your horse’s breeding and potential. Include quality shots which show your horse’s conformation, since this will be an important factor for potential buyers. If your horse has shown in conformation or breeding classes, then you should include any achievements or awards that he has earned. Include any desirable bloodlines that your horse has in his ad. You may also wish to note some of the achievements of his dam and sire.

Include Under Saddle Video If Possible

If your horse is trained to saddle, even if he’s completely green, it can be beneficial to include video of him under saddle. Being able to see how a horse moves with and responds to a rider can be a major advantage for anyone considering your horse for a riding or competitive career. If your horse isn’t yet trained to saddle, then include videos of him moving at liberty or in hand at various gaits so that buyers can assess his natural movement.

Send the Horse to a Trainer to Be Sold

If you’re not having success marketing the horse yourself, then one option is to send the horse to a trainer to be sold. A professional trainer has many connections within the horse world, and may know of buyers who are looking for a prospect just like yours. A trainer can also increase the amount of training your horse has, which can increase his appeal to more buyers.

Sell Your Horse Back to His Breeder

If your horse is well-bred, then his breeder may be willing to buy him back from you. Some breeders like to keep offspring with top potential. The breeder may also know of someone looking for a young prospect, and may be willing to sell your horse for a commission.

When selling a young horse, you have to remember that while the horse may have value because of his bloodlines or potential, there’s still a large amount of risk involved for any buyer. Make sure that your horse for sale ad portrays your young horse in a positive light, and be patient – the right buyer will come along.

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