Tips for Shipping A Horse Who Is a Nervous Traveler

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Do you have a horse who gets unusually nervous or stressed when being shipped? From looking at horse floats for sale to planning your trip, these tips can help to make the shipping experience easier on your nervous traveler.

Consider Your Horse Float Purchase

If you’re able to purchase a horse float of your own, do so. When you look at horse floats for sale, you can consider your horse’s preferences and what float designs may make shipping easier on your nervous traveler. Options such as a slant load or a stock horse design can help to encourage a horse who doesn’t load easily. Looking for a horse float with a bright interior can make the float more welcoming to your horse.

Protect Your Horse’s Stomach

If you know your horse is a nervous traveler, then it’s a good idea to give him a stomach protectant, like an ulcer buffer, before you leave. Be sure to bring along more of the product with you and administer it for a few days after your horse has arrived at his destination. If you’re not sure what to treat your horse with, talk with your vet and see what they recommend.

Bring Along a Buddy

Always try to ship your nervous traveler with another, calmer horse in the horse float. Having a buddy along can help to relax and reassure your horse.

Provide Plenty of Hay

Be sure to always give your horse plenty of hay to keep him distracted during the trip. Many horses eat when they are stressed, and eating can help to keep your horse from performing other destructive behaviours like weaving or chewing on the float’s interior. Don’t forget that feeding your horse hay can also help to buffer his stomach against stomach ulcer development during the stressful shipping.

Provide Positive Experiences

If you only transport your horse to stressful destinations like intensive competitions, he will likely continue to be a nervous traveler. But if you make an effort to take your horse on some shorter trips, you may be able to help him relax a bit. Take your horse for a quick trip around the block before returning home. Or take him to a nearby trail for a trail ride. This technique won’t work for all horses, but it may make a difference for some.

Working with a horse who is a nervous traveler takes a little more planning and effort than shipping your average horse does. From looking at horse floats for sale to bringing along a buddy, there are a number of ways you can make shipping a little less stressful for your horse.

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