Tips for Storing Your Gooseneck Horse Float

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When you look at gooseneck horse floats for sale and finally buy a float for your own, you’re making a big investment. A good horse float will last you for years, but it will last you even longer if you store it properly. These tips can help you to store your horse float and prolong its life.

Find a Protected Space

Carefully consider where you will store your horse float. Horse floats are sometimes stolen, so you want to find a place which will help to deter theft. This location should be toward the back of your property, where a vehicle would be noticed if it travelled out to the float. Make sure that you also find an even space to store your float.

Use Wheel Blocks

When you unhitch your horse float, you remove some of its stability. Even if you find a perfectly flat location to store the float, it could move as you unhitch it or if stormy winds give it a bit of a push. It’s best to be safe and use wheel blocks to keep the float securely in place.

Store Your Float Under Shelter

If you’re going to be storing your horse float for a long time, or if it will be subjected to rain and snow, it’s best to store your float under some sort of shelter. A simple overhang can suffice, but it’s best for your float if you can get it entirely indoors, like inside a shed. Moisture can cause metal floats to rust over time, so the more that you can protect your float, the better.

Don’t have a shelter available? There are many float covers that you can purchase. These are made of heavy-duty waterproof vinyl, and can be pulled over and secured on your horse float when it’s not in use.

Always Lock Your Float

Be sure that you always lock all of the doors, especially the dressing room door, of your horse float. It’s best to remove any expensive items, like tack, from the float to reduce the chances of them being stolen.

Additionally, it’s worth the investment to buy a hitch lock to prevent your horse float from being taken away. A hitch lock will prevent anyone from hitching up to the float without a key. It’s one extra step to take when storing your horse float, but can be well worth the few minutes it takes.

Your gooseneck horse float is a valuable investment. By storing it properly, you can ensure that it lasts you for years and years to come.

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