Tips for Storing Your Tack

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As you look at horse tack for sale, are you wondering how you’ll ever fit more tack into your tack room? Carefully planning out how you store your tack can lead to a better organized tack room. Plus, tack is an expensive investment, so it’s important to store it correctly so that it isn’t damaged over time. These tips will help you store your tack safely and efficiently.


Always clean and condition your saddle thoroughly before putting it away for a long time. Be sure that the conditioner has had a chance to dry. When you’re ready to store your saddle, placing it in a lined saddle bag is a good option. Place the saddle on a saddle rack – it’s a good idea to put some padding underneath it, like a few towels or saddle pads, to keep the saddle from settling down over the rack. Only store one saddle on a rack at a time; never stack saddles.

Be sure to check your saddle on a regular basis to make sure that mice and other rodents are not beginning to build nests in the saddle bag. Periodically cleaning and conditioning your saddle will help keep it in good condition.


Thoroughly clean and condition your bridle before storing it. Be sure that you undo all of the buckles to clean them, otherwise you may find that the bridle has become stiff and unusable the next time you need it. Store the bridle and reins together to help keep things organized, and consider wrapping the throatlatch around the bridle and the reins a few times before buckling it to ensure that nothing gets separated. You can hang bridles on a rack, or pack them away into tack trunks where they’ll be protected from rodents.

Blankets, Horse Rugs, and Saddle Pads

Before storing anything made of fabric, like horse rugs or saddle pads, wash and dry the items first. Be sure that they’re completely dry – storing fabric that is even mildly damp will result in mold and mildew, and will probably destroy the product.

Fold the rugs and pads gently, then stack them into a protective zippered plastic bag. Then secure this bag within a plastic tote or tack trunk. Make sure that whatever storage unit you use closes and locks tightly so that rodents cannot get inside. You might also put in some moth balls and peppermint oil to help deter pests from the items.

Storing your tack and equipment properly will help ensure that it will be safe and ready to use when you next need it.

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