Tips for Trail Riding Safely

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Nothing beats a long ride out on the trails, but it’s also important not to leave your riding safety practices back home at the arena. Whether you’re taking a new horse out for a trail ride or will be heading out with a seasoned veteran, these tips can help to keep you riding safely.

Get the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment can make a big difference when trail riding. Items like split reins and bridles that can be converted to halters can make tying a horse on the trail safer. Of course, a properly fitting saddle and adequate padding is also important, especially if you will be riding long distances. Don’t forget a breastplate to help keep the saddle secure if you will be facing demanding, hilly trails. If you don’t have the right tack, then start looking at tack for sale before heading out on the trails.

Carry the Right Supplies

When looking at horse tack for sale, invest in some quality saddle bags to make carrying extra supplies easier. Never head out on the trails without a knife, a hoof pick, extra water, spare bandages, a halter and lead rope, and hoof boots. You should also carry a cell phone, but make sure that the cell phone is carried on your body, not attached to your saddle.

Consider Your Horse’s Fitness

Trails come in a wide variety of difficulties, each with its own physical demands. A trail that may be easy for a fit horse can be highly demanding for a horse who is not in the same physical shape. If you ask your horse to face a trail that is too much for him, you can be putting both your horse and yourself at risk. An unfit horse is at a higher risk of stumbling and falling, so work your way up through trail difficulties as your horse becomes fitter and better able to deal with them.

Know Your Trails

Don’t get lost, especially if night is approaching. Check out the trail route ahead of time and get a map, if possible. Always let someone know where you’re heading and what your planned route is. Tell them what time you are expecting to return, and ask them to send out help if you have not returned or called by a designated hour. If you find your plans changing, then inform your friend of your new route before heading out.

Trail riding is a great pastime, and allows both you and your horse to enjoy your new surroundings. Before you head for the trails, though, make sure that you and your horse are safe.

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