Tips on Marketing Your Horse for Sale

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When it comes to selling a horse, your horse will be one of thousands of other horses for sale. Your job is to market your horse effectively so that he is noticed by potential buyers. There are a number of great ways to market your horse for sale.

Online Marketing

Horse sales are largely now initiated online. The use of online classified sites makes providing multiple photos and videos of horses for sale easy and fast. You can also provide relevant links to a horse’s sire, dam, or offspring. Online advertisements generally expose your horse to a greater amount of people than an ad in a newspaper or tack shop will.

If you’re marketing your horse for sale, an online advertisement is the place to start. Put the time and effort into getting good, quality photos of your horse looking his best. Be sure to write up a comprehensive advertisement that presents an honest but positive assessment of your horse. Putting the time into creating a good ad is an essential step in marketing your horse.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing. The horse world is a very interconnected place, and riders and owners tend to know many other people involved with horses. If you tell even a few people that your horse is available for sale and ask them to spread the word to their connections, you can soon have a powerful and fast-moving network for selling your horse. Don’t forget to mention the fact that your horse is for sale to your vet and farrier, and give them a few printed advertisements to give to any of their clients who might be interested.

Horse Show Marketing

If your horse is an experienced show horse, there is no better way to present him to the right audience than to take him to a horse show. Competing with your horse can get him noticed by potential buyers who not only have the chance to see your horse, but they have the chance to see him in action doing what he’s being marketed for.

When choosing a show for your horse for sale, try to look for shows with large audiences where you know your horse will be competitive. This isn’t the time to try to move up a division with your horse; instead, select classes or a division where you know your horse will be able to display his strengths. And, of course, pair him with a good rider who can showcase him well.

Taking an active role in marketing your horse for sale can help you find a buyer sooner.

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