Tips to Get Your Horse’s Tail Tangle-Free

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Horse tails can be notoriously difficult to detangle, but whether you’re heading to a horse show or are advertising your horse for sale, a detangled tail is important to your horse’s appearance. These tips will help you get your horse’s tail looking great.

Use Conditioner or Detangler

Look for a conditioning product made for horse manes and tails that does not contain silicone, which can dry out the hair. Before you start detangling your horse’s tail, apply plenty of the product and rub it into the tail. Using a conditioner or detangler will make combing out the tail easier and will result in fewer broken hairs.

Start from the Bottom

When it comes time to actually begin detangling your horse’s tail, use a wide tooth comb or tail brush and start at the very bottom of the horse’s tail. Brush small sections gently and slowly, taking the time to work out any knots by hand. Because the hair of your horse’s tail grows slowly, minimize the damage that occurs when you brush his tail by taking your time and being patient.

As you work on your horse’s tail, progress upwards slowly, still taking the time to work out knots by hand. If your horse’s tail is heavily tangled, this can be a long process, and your horse may get tired. Take breaks or start another session the next day.

Treat the Tail Frequently

Once you have completed your major tail detangling session, it is important to regularly maintain your horse’s tail. Make detangling the tail a part of your regular grooming routine. If you keep up with the tail, then the maintenance will be easy and your horse’s tail will be healthier overall.

Use a Tail Wrap or Bag

You can help to keep your horse’s tail from quickly getting knotted up and tangled by using a tail wrap or a tail bag. Tail wraps and bags help to protect your horse’s tail from being rubbed or getting dirty, especially if your horse is turned out in a muddy pasture. Be sure to put the wrap or bag on properly, and always remove the wrap or bag regularly to avoid damaging your horse’s tail.

Be Careful with Baths

When you bathe your horse, make sure to add conditioner to his tail. Spend time detangling the tail afterwards, and always make sure that you have rinsed all of the shampoo out of your horse’s coat and tail before completing the bath.

A horse for sale with a clean, tangle-free tail makes a great impression. Follow these tips to keep your horse’s tail in great shape.

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