Tips to Help You Retain Your Business Clients When Moving to a New Property

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Unless you already own horse property, at some point you may have to move your business to a new rental or new property. Moving a business can be tricky, especially if you need to retain your current clients. These tips can help you to retain your clients even when it comes time to move your business to a new property.

Foster a Sense of Community

Long before you start planning your move, it’s important to foster a sense of community among your clients. If you operate a boarding stable, then the more you can make the stable feel like a home, the better the chances your clients will want to move with you. Consider holding activities like informational seminars, special riding events, dinners, and more to strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Provide Plenty of Notice

When you do know that you’ll be moving, provide your clients with as much advance notice as possible. A move isn’t news that you want to spring on anyone, and if your clients have horses housed at your stable, they will need to make plans to move their horses, too. It’s also important to be honest about the move. If you’ve just bought your own horse property, stress the fact that the move is a positive event and that you’ll be settled into a property all of your own.

Provide Moving Help

If you’re running a stable and will be moving to a new property, providing help with your clients’ move is a great way to encourage them to come with you. Offer free transportation to bring your clients’ horses to your new stable. Have a moving day when everyone can come out to help make the process go quickly and smoothly.

Offer a Discount

A move may inconvenience your clients, so providing a discount can help to retain their business. Consider giving clients a discount off of their first month of boarding, or offer up a discount for their first riding lesson in your new location.

Solve Problems

A new location may pose challenges to clients, and if you can help them overcome those problems, you may be able to keep their business. Lesson students may not have transportation to your new stable, or you may need to alter your schedule so that clients can deal with a longer commute. While you can’t fix every problem, being flexible within reason may help to keep clients.

You can successfully move your business. While you may lose some clients, these tips can help you do your best to retain what clients you can.

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