Tips to Help You Sell Your Horse Property

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Selling your horse property takes a bit of time, talent, and luck. But there are deliberate steps you can take to help sell your property. Check out these tips to help you sell your horse property.

Make Your Property Look Great

Appearances mean a lot when you advertise your horse property for sale. Take the time to get your property looking great before it’s photographed or visited. Repaint your fences and stables, put some effort into the landscaping, and clean manure out of the fields and paddocks. These simple steps will make your property instantly look more appealing, encouraging buyers to take an in-depth look.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Be sure that you keep up with your property’s maintenance. Even if your property isn’t currently housing horses, your stables should be well-maintained. Stall doors should open easily, the fencing should all be intact, and the grounds should look as if they could easily house horses.

Find an Equine Realtor

It’s a good idea to find a realtor who has experience in working with horse properties. This is particularly true if you’re selling a larger property which is suitable as an equestrian business. A realtor who is familiar with the equestrian market can advise you on specifics pertaining to your property, and can also help you to target your ideal market with your advertising.

List During Prime Buying Time

Carefully consider the time of year when you list your horse property for sale. Many buyers do not want to be moving during the winter, and sales tend to drop off at the end of the Autumn. Listing your property during the spring, if possible, will give you a chance to target the prime buying time.

Choose the Right Price

Pricing your property appropriately is key to a sale’s success. Do some research into the market when considering how to price your equestrian property. A talented realtor who is familiar with the equestrian marketplace can perform a market analysis to give you a more detailed idea of what price range may be appropriate for your property.

When it comes time to advertise your horse property for sale, don’t forget to take advantage of online listings, such as those offered by TopHorse, to reach the greatest number of buyers possible. With a bit effort and time, you should be able to find a buyer for your horse property.

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