Tips to Identify Your Horse Supplies

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Do you find that your horse supplies are frequently used by other riders and owners at your agistment? Buying Horse Tack and horse items and supplies is expensive; you don’t want them mistakenly used on other horses. You can help prevent confusion by marking and identifying your tack, items, and supplies. Here’s how.


Invest in an engraved nameplate for the back of your saddle. This prevents any confusion as to which saddle is whose, and is easily recognizable even once the saddle is on the horse. You might also label your saddle rack or saddle stand. If you cover your saddle with a cover or place it in a saddle bag, make sure that the cover or bag is clearly labeled or monogrammed.

Saddle pads are also easily mistaken. Use magic marker to write your name, initials, or horse’s name on the spine of the pad. You can also sew identification labels into the pad.


Nameplates are also available for the crown of English bridles. Bridle tags provide a more subtle way to label your bridle. You can also create a bridle tag cheaply by using a small key tag.

Grooming Products

If possible, keep your horse’s grooming products in your own tack box or grooming tote. If you need to leave products on your horse’s stall door such as fly spray, then label the bottle in large letters using a magic marker. To make the letters stand out from products with busy labels, wrap a piece of tape (colorful tape will be even more noticeable) around the neck of the bottle and then write your label over at the tape.

Blankets and Rugs

Horse blankets and rugs can be easily confused, especially when they are in a common place. Try to keep your blankets and rugs on your horse’s stall door. Label each blanket or rug by writing your name or your horse’s name on the label sewn into the inside front flap. You can also attach tags to the front buckles of your horse’s blanket to make it easy to tell at a glance which horse the blanket belongs to. Waterproof luggage tags can work well for this, as can engraved dog tags. If you have the room, you can also identify what temperature ranges the blanket should be worn in. This tactic makes it easier for anyone who is caring for your horse.

Halters and Lead Lines

Halters and lead lines can be easily swapped out as horses are turned out or brought back into the stables. To ensure that your horse’s halter and lead line always stay with him, look into attaching an engraved plate or tag to each. Nylon halters and lead lines can also be customized and monogrammed. There are many creative ways that you can identify your horse’s tack and supplies so that they are not confused and that you can easily keep track of your equipment, even at a busy agistment.

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