Tips to Improve Your Horse Clipping Skills

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The ability to get a great looking clip on your horse comes in handy for any number of reasons. Getting horses clipped and cleaned up is essential when you’re advertising horses for sale. Skilled clipping can also help your horse to stand out in the show ring. These tips can help you to improve your clipping skills.

Use Quality Clippers

Always start by using a quality pair of clippers. Make sure that they are clean and oiled, and that the blades are nice and sharp. It’s impossible to get a good clip with dull clipper blades, so set yourself up for success from the start.

Start With a Clean Horse

Make sure that your horse’s coat is clean before you start. Clipping a dirty horse is difficult and will quickly clog your clippers. Even if your horse has been bathed recently, brush him off thoroughly before you begin clipping.

Overlap Your Lines

As you’re clipping the horse’s body, make sure that you always overlap your lines. This can help you to avoid the dreaded clipper paths and unsmooth finish.

Go Slowly

Take your time as you clip. Take small amounts off, then repeat the clip if you decide that more hair needs to come off. Remember, once you clip hair off, you can’t put it back on. It’s best to always err on the side of caution when clipping your horse.

Watch Your Horse for Signs

Horses all have different patience levels when it comes to clipping. Some horses will stand there all day as you clip, while others start to get antsy after ten minutes or so. If your horse is telling you that he needs a break, then give him a break and resume the clipping session later on when he’s ready.

Clip Early

Try to avoid having to clip last-minute before an event. When the pressure’s on, mistakes are bound to happen, and it can be difficult to cover them up. Instead, clip your horse ahead of time so that the majority of the work is completed. You can always do a light clip before the event to refresh your horse’s looks and to have him looking sharp.

Most of all, clipping takes practice. Spend plenty of time clipping your horse when you don’t have any major events coming up so you can build your skills and confidence.

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