Tips to Keep Your Horse Stable Neat and Clean

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Your horse stable is one of your prized possessions – after your horse, of course. Keeping your stable neat and clean can be a challenge, especially with horses and riders coming and going. These tips can help to improve the cleanliness and appearance of your horse stable.

Keep Tools Handy – and Safe

Basic tools that you need to clean your stables – shovels, brooms, rakes, and wheelbarrows – should all be kept in a location that’s easy to access. Consider storing these tools in an empty stall, or designate a closet space for them. Simply storing these tools in the aisle is dangerous, so create a separate space where they can be stored safely. You might install shovel and broom holders on a wall to keep these tools secure and easy to find.

Clean Daily

Cleaning stables can become a massive chore if it’s put off for too long. Make cleaning your horse stall a daily task. Daily tasks should include cleaning stalls, sweeping the aisle, and scrubbing water buckets at the minimum. When these chores are done on a daily basis, then adding in less routine chores, like cleaning out the feed room or sweeping out cobwebs, is easier and more manageable.

Clear the Stable Aisle

Your stable aisle is the first thing that most visitors will see. It’s also an area where clutter is common. Tack boxes, spare blankets, pitchforks, grooming tools – all of these items are often found in stable aisles.

Make an effort to clear your stable aisle of clutter. This may mean reorganizing your tack room and other storage rooms to accommodate these items, or investing in stall front organizers. If you can reduce or remove the clutter from your stable aisle, your stables will instantly look cleaner.

Implement Rules

Your efforts at keeping your stable neat and clean will only go so far alone. You really need anyone using the stable – riders, owners, trainers, stable hands – to also join in on the effort. Implementing some basic rules about keeping the stables clean can make a big difference. For instance, you might ask that riders pick up their horses’ manure from the riding arenas once they’re done riding. You might ask that grooms sweep up the grooming stalls after they’re done caring for the horses. These small actions can mean big contributions toward a cleaner stables.

Could your horse stable be neater and cleaner than it is right now? Cleaning your stable can be a gradual process, and you’ll be rewarded with a stable that you’re proud of.

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