Tips to Make Your Horse a Great Trail Horse

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Are you on the hunt for a perfect trail horse? When looking at horses for sale with the intention of buying a horse, you might find that some of the prospect horses aren’t quite as seasoned on the trail as you’d hoped. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pass, though – all great trail horses have to start somewhere, and with patience and work you can make many horses into great trail horses.

Start to Succeed

Before you set out to train your horse for the trails, you will want to make sure that the horse you’re working with is the right type to become a trail horse. Not all horses can be trained to be great trail horses, and you’ll want to start with a horse who already has many of the qualities desired in a trail horse. When looking at horses for sale, look for a horse who is calm, steady, relaxed, and who handles new situations and stimuli in stride.

Proceed Slowly

When you train your trail horse, remember to always proceed slowly and keep the horse comfortable. Overfacing the horse with too much too quickly can only make him nervous and teach him that trail riding is unpleasant – which is exactly what you don’t want to do. Take the time to make sure that your horse has a strong riding foundation before you head out on the trails, and then only do so in small increments. It’s also wise to investigate the trails ahead of time so that you know what you and your horse will face out on the trails.

Accompany a Quiet Horse

When training your trail horse, it is best to head out onto the trails with an experienced, quiet horse. Having a second horse along will help to keep your horse calm and focused. By following another horse, your horse can also learn how to safely and properly navigate trails.

Keep Rides Positive

It’s important to keep all of your training rides positive. This is partially accomplished by progressing slowly so that your horse is comfortable during each ride. Additionally, remember to keep your initial rides short, and to choose terrain that is easy for your horse to navigate. As your horse becomes more accustomed to riding, you can gradually increase the demands of the rides.

Invest the Time

Creating a great trail horse generally isn’t something that can be done in a summer. Many of the best trail horses have years of trail riding experience and training, so prepare yourself for the time that it may take before your horse is a polished trail horse.

When looking at horses for sale with the intention of training your next trail horse, remember to look for a horse with excellent temperament who takes new situations in stride.

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