Tips to Make Your Horse for Lease More Appealing

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Are you trying to lease out your horse, but having trouble finding a rider who’s interested? It may be because of the way that you’re portraying your horse. These tips can help you to make your horse for lease more appealing, and hopefully you’ll find a lessee more quickly.

Explain Your Horse’s Strengths

Before you advertise your horse for lease, take the time to write up an ad that explains your horse’s strengths. A rider looking to lease a horse will have many horses to choose from, so it’s up to you to explain why your horse is special and could be a great investment.

Think about which qualities make your horse special to you. Is he a great jumper, or is he unflappable and ready to keep any rider safe? If your horse has show experience, be sure to include it, along with any disciplines that he specializes in. You never know what will make a horse stand out to a rider, so try to include many of your horse’s strengths in the ad.

Be Honest

While it’s tempting to fill the ad with all of your horse’s good qualities, you need to be honest about his less stellar qualities, too. If your horse needs a confident, advanced rider, then it’s best to state that in the ad, rather than field lots of inquiries from interested riders with only basic experience.

Additionally, if you know that your horse will not be happy or successful in a particular discipline or situation, say so. A horse who hates trail riding should not be leased by a rider who only wants to trail ride, and a horse who misbehaves at shows will not make a successful lease for a rider focusing on their show career. It’s best to be honest in your ad to ensure that the horse and rider leasing him are a good match for each other.

Get Quality Pictures

When an interested rider sees your ad for your horse for lease, he or she will want to see pictures to get a better sense of your horse. Take the time to get quality photos of your horse – the better the photos, the more attention your ad is likely to get. Remember, too, that many riders will ask for videos before they are willing to come out and try the horse, so it might be in your best interest to take videos on the same day that you get photos of your horse.

Leasing out a horse can require a little patience, but the more appealing that you make your horse, the better a chance you have of finding a lessee sooner

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