Tips to Quickly Sell Your Horse

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Sometimes finances or agistment situations mean that you need to quickly sell your horse. At times like these, it’s important to reach many people looking to buy a horse, and to make your horse as appealing as possible. Here are some tips to help you sell your horse when time is of the essence.

Create a Strong Advertisement

The first step to selling your horse is to create an advertisement which will appeal to people looking at horses for sale. Take high quality photographs of your horse and include all of the information that a potential buyer would want to know, such as his age, breeding, registration, background, training, showing experience, height, and other defining features. Be sure to list multiple ways for a buyer to contact you, including phone and email. You should also give a general idea of where the horse is located so that buyers can determine how much travel will be involved.

Keep Your Price Competitive

If you’re looking to sell your horse in a hurry, then keeping his price as low as possible is important. Now is not the time to try to make a large profit off of your horse; if you need him sold quickly, then keep his price low. You might not want to advertise your ultimate lowest price, though; buyers may try to talk you down lower than your asking price, so take all of this into consideration when pricing your horse for sale.

Advertise In Multiple Venues

To sell a horse quickly you will want to reach as many people looking for horses for sale as possible. Advertise your horse in multiple areas, including local tack shops, bulletin boards at local horse shows, through newspapers and regional equine publications, at bulletin boards in barns, and through online equine classified websites. Consider paying for advertising to reach wider audiences, which can help to sell your horse quickly.

Put Word Out with Friends and Contacts

Word of mouth can be a powerful asset when it comes to selling your horse on a short timeline. Tell all of your contacts in the horse world that you are looking to sell your horse, and quickly. Be sure that they know about your horse’s strengths and what a good potential home would look like. Word travels quickly in the horse world, and can help you find a buyer.

Selling a horse quickly can be a bit stressful, but if you get to work and network then it can definitely be done. Be sure that your horse is priced appropriately and gain maximum exposure for his ads to help prompt a fast sale.

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