Tips to Sell a Foal or Yearling

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Selling a foal or yearling is a bit different than advertising your average horse for sale. Foals and yearlings can’t yet be shown under saddle, and they are still growing into their bodies. These tips can help you sell your foal or yearling.

Get Good Conformation Photos

Good conformation photos are important in any sale ad, but they’re particularly important when selling a foal or yearling. A foal or yearling’s conformation can already indicate what their conformation and build will be like once they’re grown, and a buyer who is looking for a horse to compete in a particular discipline will be interested in certain conformation traits.

When taking conformation photos of your foal or yearling, get quality shots of both sides of the horse’s body. Be sure to get shots from directly in front of and behind the horse as well, and don’t forget to also take detailed photos showing the angles of the horse’s legs.

Have Information on Sire and Dam

A horse’s sire and dam can have a significant influence on his talent, temperament, and conformation. Buyers who are interested in your foal or yearling will likely want to see as much information on the horse’s sire and dam as possible. Having information ready can make your horse more appealing to potential buyers. Try to include information on the sire and dam such as bloodlines, photos, videos, and highlights of their competition careers.

Do as Much Training as Possible

While you won’t be able to start a foal or yearling under saddle, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on training the foal or yearling. A foal or yearling who is well-mannered on the ground and who has basic training will be far more appealing to a buyer than a similar foal or yearling who has been handled only on a limited basis. Focus on training your foal or yearling to lead well in hand, to stand patiently while tied, to lift his feet up for cleaning, to stand calmly for grooming, and to load onto a horse float.

Have the Foal or Yearling Groomed

When a buyer comes out to look at a foal or yearling, take the time to prepare the horse to be shown. Groom the foal or yearling thoroughly, and have a well-fitting quality halter and long lead line ready for use. The better the grooming job you do, the better an impression your foal or yearling is likely to make.

Selling a foal or yearling requires a slightly different approach than listing a horse for sale, so follow these tips to make a great presentation.

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