Tips to Sell Your Horse Faster

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Have you been trying to sell your horse for a while, only to have just a few people respond to your ads? Selling a horse often takes time, but there are a number of ways to make your horse stand out from the many horses for sale.

Appeal to Those Buying a Horse

Take a look at the ads that you have placed advertising your horse for sale. Put yourself in the position of someone looking to buy a horse: would those ads appeal to you? Have you included all of the relevant information that you would want to see as a buyer, and does the description you have provided make your horse seem appealing?

Compare Your Horse’s Advertisement to Others

Look at how your horse’s advertisement compares to the advertisements of other horses for sale. Have you included the same types of information as other ads? How do your horse’s accomplishments and experience compare to those of other horses for sale? Lastly, is your horse priced comparably to other horses with similar traits and experience? We all think our own horse is priceless, but if your horse is not priced appropriately, it will make it difficult to sell him.

Get Quality Photos of the Horse for Sale

If at all possible, always include quality photographs with your advertisement. Clean up your horse and photograph him on a day when the weather is good. Show him doing what he is most talented at, like jumping or trail riding. Quality photos will help your ad stand out from the many others, and photos let potential buyers see important details about your horse’s build and conformation.

Advertise Your Horse for Sale in the Right Places

Think about where you are advertising your horse for sale. What type of audience are you looking for – if your horse is a talented upper-level dressage horse, then your audience will be different from that of someone selling a driving pony. If your horse fits into a specific niche, take advantage of the advertising opportunities offered breed and club publications. Additionally, make use of online sites such as which advertise horses for sale; these sites offer the advantage of quickly reaching a large audience with your horse’s advertisement.

Spread the Word

Lastly, tell your friends involved in horses that you are selling a horse, and ask them to spread the word. Oftentimes networking can make connections and lead to a potential sale, making the process of selling a horse easier on everyone involved. Market your horse well and keep ads refreshed with current information, especially any changes to your horse’s price and show experience or accomplishments.

Selling a horse can take some time, but if you stay active in the process and make sure that your advertisement is designed well, then hopefully you will find a buyer quickly. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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